Vegglove Pistachio and Raspberry Cake 110g


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Vegglove are a range of delicious vegan and organic desserts made: gluten-free, dairy free, egg free, no palm oil or preservatives.

Ingredients: SOYA drink* (water, SOYA*), cane sugar*, SOYA based preparation* [SOYA juice* (water, shelled SOYA seeds*), selected starters of which Bifidus and Lactobacillus Acidophilus], raspberry puree* 7.5%, coconut drink* (coconut milk*, water, stabilizer: guar gum), SOYA preparation* (cocoa butter*, cane sugar*, powdered SOYA*, agave inulin*, emulsifier: SOYA lecithin*), sunflower seed oil, PISTACHIO NUTS paste*, 4.5% tofu* (SOYA*, water, magnesium chloride), coconut oil*, rice flour*, water, rice starch*, potato starch*, extra dark chocolate* (cocoa paste*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, emulsifier: SOYA lecithin; vanilla extract*), thickeners (pectin, agar agar, carob flour*, xantham gum), PISTACHIO crumbs* 0.5%, agave inulin*, raising agents (monopotassium tartrate, sodium bicarbonate, anti-caking agent: calcium carbonate), cocoa powder*, natural flavouring. * Ingredients from organic agriculture 


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