Hi I’m Elly!   

You’re likely to see me in store so please say hello and introduce yourself! 

Mostly Vegan has very quickly become a dream come true and I’m so grateful for all of you who choose to support me! It means a lot and I hope we can keep the dream alive for many years to come! 

How did Mostly Vegan come about?

I was actually complaining to my Dad one day, typical daughter behavior, about how I could never find the cool things I would see online or in recipes. Saying I didn’t know why someone wasn’t selling this stuff. He asked why I didn’t do something. The more I thought about it the more sense it made! 

Why MOSTLY Vegan?

I get this one A LOT in store so let me answer it here too. I want to ensure non-vegans feel welcome too! There’s far more to Mostly Vegan than vegan meat and cheese alternatives. While there’s no meat, dairy or egg in store there are a few other niggly factors that come into it for some people. Things such as palm oil and parent companies

My Vegan Story

Unlike a lot of vegans (I assume) I’d never thought about going a vegan. Never thought I would be a vegan. Wasn’t a vegetarian for a period of time first. In fact if you had told me even the day before I would become a vegan the next day I wouldn’t have believed you. 

On the morning of June 24th 2017 I got up and turned to Netflix. I watched 3 documentaries in a row because I’m all about living my best life  “Cowspiracy”,  “Forks over knives” and “What the health” for any one curious. I was going through a real doco phase and Netflix had recommended these for me. I didn’t know anything about them going in.  

After binging all 3, I knew I had to be a Vegan. There wasn’t any question about it. The overload of information and alarming statistics threw me. It suddenly seemed so obvious. I decided at the very least I would challenge myself to eat vegan for 30 days, thinking it would be hard but I’ve never looked back.